Euroanaesthesia – 2016 (Londres)

Expressiva participação do Brasil no Congresso Europeu de Anestesia.

A SBA em parceria com algumas de suas regionais, conseguiu realizar em 2016 duas atividades no ESA – Euroanaesthesia, obtendo assim uma relevante projeção para a anestesiologia brasileira início.

Confira a programação com participação de brasileiros:

I° Brazilian Meeting – SBA-ESA
May 29th, 2016 – 2:30-4 pm
Organized by the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology – SBA
Chair : Rogean Rodrigues Nunes – Ceará, Brazil

• Erick Freitas Curi-ES – Administrative director of SBA
Topic: Strategic planning for 2016.

• Zeev Goldik-IL – President of ESA

• Rogean Rodrigues Nunes-CE – Scientific Director of SBA
Topic:Brazilian consensus on anesthetic depth monitoring.

• Marcelo Abramides Torres-SP – President of SAESP
Topic:Obstetric anesthesia in Brazil.

• Roseny dos Reis Rodrigues-SP – Member of Committee of Resuscitation and Polytrauma
Topic:Blood and coagulation management in acute trauma.

• Augusto Key Karazawa Takashima-SC – Member of Commission of Occupational Health
Topic:The anesthesiologist as a second victim: How Brazilian society is dealing with this problem.

• Gualter Lisboa Ramalho-PB – Responsible for CET/SBA – PB
Topic:Prevention of postoperative hyperalgesia.

• Ismar Lima Cavalcanti-RJ – Former president of SBA
Effect of magnesium sulphate on sugammadex reversal time for neuromuscular blockade.

• Marcello Fonseca Salgado Filho-MG – Coordinator of Course in Intraoperative Echocardiography
Perioperative echocardiography. Highlights.

• Luciana Cadore Stefani-RS – Head of Anesthesia Service of HC, Porto Alegre
Topic:Perioperative risk stratification: a proposal of a risk model for the perioperative care improvement.

Update inAnaesthesia
Chair: Claudia Marquez Simões

• Neuber Martins Fonseca, M.D., Ph.D.
Member of the Commission of Technical Norms, SBA/Minas Gerais
Topic:An update to the sciatic nerve block by the gluteus-femoral sulcus route.

• Cláudia Marquez Simões, M.D., Ph.D.
Member of the Board of Examiners of Specialist Title in Anesthesiology, SBA/São Paulo
Topic:Airway assessment and head and neck surgery.

• Ana Cristina Pinho Mendes Pereira, TSA/SBA
Member of the Commission of Continuing Education, SBA/Rio de Janeiro
Topic:Anesthesia and cancer recurrence. Is there enough evidence?

• Discussion